Hi there, My name is Clari and I am one of the resident artists at Tattoora Bondi Body Art Studio in Bondi Junction. I’m a Black and Grey tattoo artist and my speciality is illustrative, fine line, nature inspired tattoos that flows with the anatomy of the body with unique compositions but I also love to do traditional or bold lines tattoos. I would love to work with you on your project. There are few ways we can do it. You can come in for a free consultation in the shop and we can sit together, measure you, talk about design, etc. So let me know if you want to arrange that. Alternatively, you can email me or send me a message on Instagram with the design included, and we can take it from there. It is hard to quote you properly without knowing your size, complexity of details and design, so please take the above as a rough idea. You are welcome to call me directly on 0456 394 868, or call the shop on (02) 8021 1322 and leave me a message.

Thanks for your time.

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