Frequently asked questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Not necessarily. We work by appointment and walk ins however appointments are recommended as we cannot guarantee availability. If we aren’t free at the time we will always try fit you in as soon as possible.

How do I make an appointment for my tattoo?

The best way is to apply “here” and someone will get back to you. Alternatively you can email us at info@tattoora.com.au, Call us on (02) 8021 1322 Or you can come and say hi at the studio.

Why do I need to pay a deposit? And how do I leave one?

As we are specialized in custom designs, preparation for your tattoo may require our artists to spend hours designing and drawing it. Deposits help to ensure that you attend your appointment so our artists haven’t worked in vain.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

All you need to get tattooed or pierced is your ID (Drivers License, Passport, Photo Card) and yourself. However if you’re going to be here for a while, we also recommend some comfy clothes and some of your own entertainment like some music and movies. Or you can just trust us with playing some cool music and clips.

Can I bring my own design?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on creating unique work just for you. However our artists may need to see some visual references to ensure we are all on the same page. Once we have that, our skillful artists will create a “piece” suitable for you and your body shape. The more art and references you bring the easier it is for our artists to recreate your vision. Our job as professional body artists is to make sure your tattoo looks good but also suitable for your body shape and life style.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Our studios minimum price is $100 and our hourly rate is $200. The best way to determine the final cost of your design is to have a consultation with one of our artists. For the most accurate quote a consultation is highly recommended however rough quotes can be done via email. Also, stay tuned on our social media and website as we occasionally have promotions, flash days and special deals.

Is there a Day Rate (whole day session)?

Yes, each artist has his own daily rate so please contact us for rates.

How should I prepare for my tattoo?

In order to make your experience is as comfortable as possible, we recommend you be well rested, hydrated and have a good meal approximately 2 hours before your session starts. For body piercing appointments, please ensure you have had a good meal and a bit of sugar before you come in. For both tattoo and piercing appointments don’t go overboard caffeine and try to avoid blood-thinning medications. (i.e. Aspirin and such)

Can I shower after a tattoo?

Yes, you can, and you should. Remember to use very mild, fragrance-free and alcohol-free soup and no washcloth or Loofa. We would recommend finishing the shower with colder water to close the skin pores.

Will it hurt?

In short, yes. But not that much…. Everyone has a different tolerance towards pain and most don’t enjoy pain. But no one would return time and time again to add more and more tattoos or body piercings if the experience was that painful.

How long does it take?

That depends entirely on the size, style and your pain tolerance. Your artist will be able to estimate the time frame once you both agreed about the size and style of your tattoo. Tattoos can take 10 minutes or many hours. If you are having a very big piece, few sessions may be required and a healing time between sessions is necessary. Again, your artist will be able to give you all the relevant information before you start.

How do I take care of my piercing?

Sterile saline solution /Gel is recommended for all body piercings. Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning your piercings. Apply saline solution directly on to the piercing directly two to three times a day. Gently pat the area dry with clean disposable products such as gauze. Jewelry does NOT need to be moved or turned. Do not touch or pick at piercings healed or unhealed. Avoid bodies of water such as swimming pools and spas during healing process. Most importantly DO NOT TOUCH for any unnecessary reason.

How do I take care of my tattoo?

If your tattoo was wrapped with an aftercare film (Second Skin) leave it on for up to 48 hours. Then gently remove the film under warm running water or in the shower. Make sure to remove any excess residue and fluids thoroughly. Now apply a tattoo aftercare product (Can be purchased at our studio) 2 – 3 times daily for 2 weeks. If your tattoo was wrapped with cling wrap, please remove it two hours after application, very softly wash with warm water. Keep area clean and apply tattoo aftercare product 2 -3 times daily for 2 weeks. DO NOT pick or scratch the tattoo if it is itchy (It will be…). Avoid swimming or keeping the area too wet during healing period. Keep your tattoo out of the sun as much as possible during healing. We do recommend using cold water to wash the tattoo during the healing process. Once your tattoo is healed in order to keep your tattoo looking good for years to come, and to prevent fading to use high quality moisturizers and aftercare products (Can be purchased in the studio) Also make sure to use sunscreen if your tattoo will be exposed to the elements.

How do I know if a studio is clean?

Cleanliness is extraordinarily important, not only to our artists but more importantly to you our guests. The first thing you should do is look around and trust your own judgment. The second is ask questions, ask if there is an autoclave or ultrasonic sterilizer on premises and about the sterilization process. The artists’ supply should be single use and disposable. Tattoora Bondi Body Art Studio is fully approved and certified by an annual Health Department inspection.

Is Tattoora Bondi Body Art Studio is licensed?

We are fully licensed under the Tattoo Parlours Act 2012 and ALL of our artist are fully licensed as well.

Is the ink used at the studio is vegan friendly?

Each of our artists uses their preferred ink brands or variety of brands. Not all ink types are vegan friendly but we do stock vegan friendly once too, just make sure to ask tour artist before you start your session for your preferences.

What is the healing period for my tattoo?

The majority of the healing will happen in the first 2 weeks. However it can take 4 weeks or so for your skin to be back in shape, rarely, even longer.

My tattoo is fading and very itchy, is that normal?

It’s absolutely normal. The healing process of your tattoo as mentioned above may take few weeks. During that time your tattoo may look dull and “plain”. rest assure that once healed it will look as good as it should.

Can my tattoo get infected? And how do I know if it is?

If you stick to the instructions we gave you and kept your tattoo clean, it should not be infected. Redness and swelling during the first few days after your sessions are normal and are just a normal reaction of your skin. However, if you didn’t “behave” then your tattoo CAN be infected. If you are worried, please come in for a consolation or seek a medical advice. Do not apply ANY non-recommended solutions or harsh chemicals before consulting us except the once we supplied or approved.

What is the healing period for my piercing?

Healing periods for body piercing varies significantly depending on what piercing you get and on which part of the body its pierced. The type of metal used is also a factor. Its safe to say that the initial stage of the healing process is done after approximately 8 weeks as long as there were no complications during that period. Fully healed piercing is usually achievable between 3 to 24 months.

What should I do if my piercing got infected or an abscess appeared?

Firstly, relax and make sure you don’t make things worst by touching it, applying harsh chemicals or just leave it infected. Call us as soon as possible and most likely we will ask you to come in for a consultation. If you are unsure what to de and cannot get in touch with us, we would highly recommend to seek a medical advise at your local Medical Centre.

What should I do if my piercing came off?

We recommend to come in and let us put it back for you as it may need cleaning, sterilising or replacing. Trying to put it back at home can and may result in infecting the area and complicating things. So come in and let us help you.

What types of metals and brands do we use for body piercing?

Our studio uses implant grade titanium for body piercing as well as surgical stainless steel. We also provide gold jewelry and custom jewelry upon request. We are authorized re-sellers of the most unique, prestige and respected Body Piercing Jewelry suppliers such as BVLA, Neometal, Anatometal, LeRoi but also supply more affordable jewelry to suite any budget.

Is custom jewellery available?

Absolutely, as mentioned above we are authorized resellers of some of the most respected and unique jewelry suppliers from around the world and we are able to order body jewelry to suit all of your piercing needs.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a tattoo or body piercing?

Definitely, gift vouchers are available for both Tattoo and Piercing and with any amount.

Waiver and disclaimer:
All the above information is just our advice and should be followed accordingly.
Tattoora Body Art Studio should not, cannot and will not be liable to any implications, damages and future issues that may arise as a result of following the above instructions. If in doubt, we highly recommend and urge you to contact your medical practitioner for advice.